Cape Town Safety

Are you thinking of visiting the beautiful Cape Town soon? What are you waiting for, Why are you still thinking about it! Pack your bags and come here right away.

Cape Town Safety

Cape Town, known as the Mother City to locals, is one of South Africa’s most historically cities.

Let’s not talk about how beautiful it is … hey? The bubbly city also ranks as one of the greatest contradictions in the world. Crazy, right?

The beautiful city has a lot to offer, from Table Mountain and the well-known V&A Waterfront to Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden’s and the lovely Constantia Wine Route. Then there is the busy, bubbly and energetic nightlife. This is one of the things the Mother City is known for, its funky clubs, bars and restaurants. However, as good as Cape Town can get, it can get just as bad and unsafe. Let’s face it, every city has its ups and downs.

One difficulty with travelling to a different city like Cape Town is that it often requires a lot more energy and uncertainty as you’re not familiar with the city. Since walking is probably the best part to explore Cape Town, it’s recommended to do it in a group. Also, it’s important to know which specific areas, or even roads, to avoid. You might find a section that’s well policed and monitored while one city block away drug dealers, prostitutes and petty thieves. Believe it or not, but we have it all in Cape Town.

It’s recommended to always ask for advice. However, don’t simply ask people on the street as they’ll likely see you as a target. Employees that serves the public are usually friendly, well informed about local conditions and always eager to help tourists. So, make sure to find one of them and ask for advice or directions when you’re lost.

Are you thinking of spending a night out in Long or Kloof Street? No problem, but remember that

safety comes first. Late at night you’re likely to encounter a lot of beggars, especially young homeless kids. Try to stay in a group as they are likely to grab your belongings and run for the hills. Avoid eye contact and keep their hands off you as much as possible. This is an area to watch out for pickpockets and bag snatchers.

More safety tips when you’re out and about:

  • Avoid wearing expensive jewellery, cameras and other valuables
  • Try to avoid carrying a big amount of cash on you
  • Steer clear of isolated areas, building sites and isolated beaches, especially at night
  • ATMs are regular targets for pick pockets or credit card thieves, so go to one in a busy area
  • Avoid being near parking cash transit vans. Armed robberies and heists are quite popular these days
  • Keep a list of emergency numbers in your bag or wallet

If you feel unsafe or in danger, don’t hesitate to contact your nearest police station.

Other than this, Cape Town is a must visit city. Just don’t do so on your own as it’s much more dangerous. Exploring everything the city has to offer in a group is not just safe, but fun too.

So, come and experience, explore and enjoy the Mother City.